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The best soy wax candles in Canada

we create odor neutralizing auto and room sprays, safe low burn soy candles, highly scented (phthalate-free) wax melts, and travel candles. We also carry melting pots, pet keychains, hats, socks and related gifts for beloved pets and pet owners. We would love to hear how you like our line of products.

Petwicks Candle Company

Petwicks is located in the quaint little valley of Lake Cowichan in beautiful BC Canada; overlooking the pristine waters of Cowichan Lake and surrounded by a spectacular view of the mountains. Daily sightings of wildlife and a scenic kaleidoscope of birds and plants. A great place for artisans like myself...

Since 2004, my background has been in aromatherapy. I have always had a love for different aromas, even when cooking.  My love of aromas, animals, and crafting has brought me to this wonderful activity in my life - Candle Making. I have gone from creating natural, personal, one-of-a-kind essence blends for my clients, to soap crafting using my aromatherapy knowledge, to now creating unique and wonderful aromatic blends for my Petwicks Candles. I feel I have now found my ‘niche' by making candles and creating custom odour neutralizing products for you, your family, and your pets.  How did this happen? 


Well, one night I had a dream that there was a dog party at my house. My dogs and a group of other dogs were dancing around candles in my living room. They were celebrating happily and were ‘bark singing’.  My dreams are usually premonitions and if I remember them, I usually write them down. 


When I woke up the next morning, I started doing research on pet-safe candles and how they differ from everyday candles. The most common difference I found was that they contain an odour neutralizer. They don't just mask malodours, they eliminate these odours on a molecular level. 


So, my next job was to source a natural odour-neutralizing component for my candles and sprays. This was the hardest part. Sourcing manufacturers was a challenge. Once I found a list of manufacturers, I ordered samples of their products. I read the material safety data sheets, ingredients and asked a ton of questions. After testing these samples in my candles which I burned amidst different household odours such as bathroom odours, kitty litter, garlic, fish, and tobacco, I finally found exactly what I was looking for and put it to a public test. 


I made sample candles and room sprays and went about doing a survey. Each person was asked if they had pets or lingering odours in their home. They were then given a sample and a questionnaire to complete. They handed back their survey after trying the candles and spray for a week to two weeks.


I received 100% positive feedback. People raved about how my product. One reviewer said it removed urine odours that couldn’t be eliminated from their bathroom by using cleaning products. They were amazed that spraying their litter box room or using my wax melts, removed litter box smells from the room. One person said that there was the most wretched smell in their apartment condo hallway and even though they had tried everything to rid the corridor of the odour, it was still there. After she used my room spray, she was amazed at how only two spray applications totally cleared the air of the offending smell. All the people who completed this survey are now my regular customers. I’m pleased my pet candles and sprays are their gifts of choice for their family and friends, especially for those who are pet lovers. I am confident you will have the same positive experience and will want Petwicks products in your home as well. 

I believe that nature has gifted us with the perfect menu of ingredients. My goal is to stay as close to all-natural as possible; giving you the best product for the best value. Our candles are made with soy, our signature oils are phthalate-free, and there is a long-lasting scent emitted from our Petwick products. They are made with the safety and well-being of your pets and mine in mind. 


We offer smaller sample-sized travel tins so you can test our products with a small investment. We know you'll be hooked! At Petwicks, we make the most phenomenal candles (even if I do say so myself).

Thank you for trying my candles and pet home products. Your opinion matters to me so I would love your feedback.

Made in Lake Cowichan, British Columbia, Canada

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